'Low-carbon hydrogen from residual gases is a no-brainer'

That summarizes the panel discussion with members from the H-vision team at the World Hydrogen Summit 2022 in Rotterdam. You can now the video recording of the session.

In the session ‘Low-carbon hydrogen for hard to abate industries’ led by Alice Krekt (Deltalinqs) René Peters (TNO) kicked off with a short presentation pointing out that an integrated system approach is the best route to a sustainable energy system for the Netherlands, in fact for all countries.

The panel with Feikje Wittermans (Royal Vopak), Wouter Verbeek (Berenschot) and Marc Zwart (Shell) discussed feasible routes and solutions to decarbonize industry. H-vision can be such a solution, with low carbon hydrogen produced from residual gases to supply the industry with the volumes they need to fuel their high temperature heat processes. “Even when you green up your feedstock, residual gases will remain. Within a system with bio feedstock, the H-vision concept will lead to negative CO2 emissions, making it a future proof solution”, Wouter Verbeek explained. The panel was clear: “Low-carbon hydrogen from residual gases is a no-brainer”, and “All options are needed, there is no silver bullet, we need all options and we need to start now”.

Watch the video of this 45 minute session.